Produce. Compose. Mix. The “Multi-Station” is a versatile, affordable, and stylish studio solution that is perfect as a mixing, mastering, or composing workstation. The desk surface is modular and can be altered as your workstation requirements change.

Sterling Modular Avid Artist Mix Series

Multi-Station Avid Artist Mix Series

The most complete entry level, small footprint console, specifically detailed for the AVID “Artist Mix Series” components.

Sterling Modular Multi-Station Producer Desk

Multi-Station Producer Desk

The Producer desk is ideal for mixing, editing, or mastering and comes in 2-Bay and 3-Bay versions.

Sterling Modular Multi-Station Composer

Multi-Station Composer

The MS Composer comes in both 2- and 3-Bay versions as well as both Controller and Workstation versions.

Sterling Modular Multi-Station Sunken Display

Multi-Station Sunken Display

Keeps the display monitor low and out of the critical sound field. This multi-station studio is perfect for a single display.

Sterling Modular Multi-Station Flat Center

Multi-Station Flat Center

The MS-Flat Center is designed for mixing using a control surface like the Avid S3, SSL Nucleus II, and Raven MTi with 16ru of rack space.

Trim Options

Plan Series Trim African Rosewood

African Rosewood

Plan Series Trim Ash


Plan Series Trim Black


Plan Series Trim Brushed Aluminum

Brushed Aluminum

Plan Series Trim Maple


Plan Series Trim Red Oak

Red Oak

Plan Series Trim Sapele