Design Criteria

Low Acoustic Impact

  • Skeletal Design – The open sides, bottom and front/rear areas are all open to prevent reflections.
  • Fabric Panels – Cover the skeletal frame and allows sound to pass through without negatively affecting the acoustics.
  • Angled Rear Surface – the top section of the rear surface is angled to prevent early reflections from being easily heard by the engineer, allowing them to hear the monitor sound directly.

Heat Dissipation

  • Fabric Panels – being a loose weave and thin fabric, heat is allowed to pass through which prevents or even eliminates heat build-up inside the console.
  • ½ rack space rails – by spacing electronics with a 1/2ru between them, heat is allowed to escape by convection. (See our 1/2ru vented rack panels, 1 to 4ru, too.)
  • Slotted / Open Bottoms – Having slotted bottoms or open bottoms allows for smooth air flow to eliminate heat via convection.
  • Vented Rack Panels – Sterling Modular’s unique half-rack rail spacing allows for a way to nicely cover any 1/2ru space between electronics. The space facilitates convection. We offer 1/2ru to 4ru vented rack panels. The wider rack panels can be used to fill open spaces.


  • Desktop Rake Angle for the Electronics is at 15 degrees – To easily reach all electronics without being so high as to affect acoustics. This angle is a very comfortable and ergonomic angle.
  • Padded Arm Rest – Again, for the comfort of the engineer
  • Desktop Height – The desktop height is at a standard 28 to 29 inches.
  • Reduced Height Mixer Shelf – All of our Mixer Conversions lower the height of the shelf of the mixer such that the leading edge of the mixer is at the same height as the back edge of the PC keyboard.

Cable Management

  • Cableways – Many slots, grommets, and cable ways for cables management.

  • Removable Fabric Panels – All Fabric Panels are removable to gain access to electronics to replace them and to manage cable connections. They also are used to hide cables from view.

  • Slotted Bottoms – Having bottom panels improves cable management by preventing them from dangling on the ground.


  • Wood trim – A wide range of side trim customizes the look of the console. We offer light wood tones to a dark walnut tone along with Brushed Aluminum and Basic Black.
  • Fabric Panels – are used for many aspects in our furniture, not the least of which is to hide cables from sight. This makes your studio more neat and professional looking.
  • Slotted Bottoms – As with the fabric panels, hide cables.
  • Styling – Our classic styling is among the nicest in the industry.