The Plan Series, still the most intelligent, game-changing consoles in the industry, has been upgraded to enhance the original technical specifications for heat dissipation, minimal acoustic impact, and ergonomics. And has enhanced aesthetics with a wider range of Side Trim Options. The line is ideal for Mastering and Mixing.

Sterling Modular Plan Uno

Plan Uno

A small footprint console that can be used when space is at a premium, and gear requirements are minimal.

Sterling Modular Plan A

Plan A

The first pre-engineered console designed specifically for the acoustically critical mastering environment.

Sterling Modular Plan B

Plan B

The Plan A with one additional rack section. Buy it complete from the start or expand your Plan A as your studio grows.

Sterling Modular Plan C

Plan C

Its wrap-around shape optimizes your ability to adjust the controls while keeping you in the critical sound field.

Sterling Modular Plan D

Plan D

For small format consoles like the Avid Command 8, Mackie Onyx / Pro FX12, and many other control surfaces.

Sterling Modular Plan E

Plan E

Similar in shape and size to the Plan D but features an additional 8ru center rack.

Sterling Modular Plan F

Plan F

For audio engineers who track, edit, and master. It is spacious for gear, and a control surface, and still have ample desktop space for notes and remotes.

Trim Options

Plan Series Trim African Rosewood

African Rosewood

Plan Series Trim Ash


Plan Series Trim Black


Plan Series Trim Brushed Aluminum

Brushed Aluminum

Plan Series Trim Maple


Plan Series Trim Red Oak

Red Oak

Plan Series Trim Sapele