Everyone needs a place to put their mixer… but that’s not always the whole story. Starting with our customer-focused-design and acoustically-transparent Plan Series Audio Mastering Console, we convert the console to accommodate any mixing console.

Sterling Modular API 1608 Plan B Style

API 1608 Plan B-Style

Sterling Modular API 1608 Plan D Style

API 1608 Plan D-Style

Sterling Modular API The Box Plan B Style

API “The Box” Plan B-Style

Sterling Modular API The Box Plan D Style

API “The Box” Plan D-Style

Sterling Modular AVID S6 Plan B Style

AVID S6 Plan B-Style

Sterling Modular AVID S6 Plan D Style

AVID S6 Plan D-Style

Sterling Modular SSL Matrix Plan B Style

SSL Matrix Plan B-Style

Sterling Modular SSL Matrix Plan D Style

SSL Matrix Plan D-Style

Sterling Modular Toft ATB Series Plan B Style

Toft ATB Series Plan B-Style

Sterling Modular Toft ATB Series Plan D Style

Toft ATB Series Plan D-Style

AMS Neve 8424 Plan D-style

Styles of Mixer Conversions

Plan B-style

Plan D-Style

Plan Uno-B-style

Plan Uno-DL-style

(Angled Rack Pod on the Left)

Plan Uno-DR-style

(Angled Rack Pod on the Right)

More Mixer Conversions

Found in Downloads

28.5″ Center Width
35″ Center Width
(Designed for a Sunken Display)
96″ Center Width
ADM 770
Allen-Heath GSR-24
AMS Neve 8424
AMS Neve BCM 10/2, 10ch
AMS Neve BCM 10/2, 16ch
AMS Neve Genesys, 16ch
AMS Neve Genesys, 32ch
AMS Neve Genesys Black, 8ch
AMS Neve Genesys Black, 32ch
API 1608/1608 II
API 1608/1608 II
Master + Expansion
API 2448, 24ch
API 2448, 32ch
API “The BOX2”
API “The BOX2”
(with matching Rack Pods)
Audient ASP 4816
Audient ASP8024, 24ch
Audient Zen
Avid C|24
Avid D-Command
Avid D-Command-24
Avid MC Pro
Avid S1, 8ch
Avid S1, 16ch (8ch + Dock)
Avid S1, 24ch (16ch + Dock)
Avid S1, 32ch (24ch + Dock)
Avid S1, 32ch + Dock
Avid S3 (28.5″ Center Width)
Avid S3 + Dock
Avid S4, 3-Bay
Avid S4, 4-Bay
Avid S4, 5-Bay
Avid S6, M10/M40-8-5
Avid S6, M10/M40-16-5
Avid S6, M10/M40-24-5
Avid S6, M10/M40-32-5
Avid S6, M40-24-9
Avid S6, M40-32-9
Avid S6, M40-40-9
Avid S6, M40-48-9
Mackie 2404VLZ4
Mackie 3204 VLZ4
Soundcraft 8, 40ch
Soundcraft MH-2, 24ch
Raven MTi2
Raven MTi2, Dual
Raven MTZ Stand
Raven MTZ
Raven MTZ, Dual
SSL Matrix / Matrix2
SSL Nucleus / Nucleus2
SSL Origin
Tascam DM 3200
Tascam DM 4800
Toft ATB16
Toft ATB24
Toft ATB32
Trident 68, 16ch
Trident 68, 24ch
Trident 78, 16ch
Trident 78, 24ch
Trident 78, 32ch
Trident 88, 16ch
Trident 88, 24ch
Trident 88, 32ch
Yamaha CL5
Yamaha DM1000
Yamaha DM2000
Yamaha PM2000
Yamaha Nuage Master + 16ch

Line Drawings of Standard and Custom Mixer Conversions

Plan Series Trim Ash



Plan Series Trim Ash


Plan Series Trim African Rosewood



Plan Series Trim Black



Red Oak,

Medium Brown Finish

Plan Series Trim Maple

Sapele, Red


Plan Series Trim Red Oak

Sapele, Dark


Plan Series Trim Sapele

African Rosewood


Plan Series Trim Brushed Aluminum

Or Choose a Different Stain (Call)

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