Plan A


Based on the original groundbreaking consoles that were built for Sterling Sound NY*, Masterdisk, Absolute Audio, and more. The Plan A was the first pre-engineered console designed specifically for the acoustically critical mastering environment.

Very low profile
Maximum air flow for thermal venting
Ergonomic design for comfort over long periods at the console
Low acoustic profile for the best listening environment
Generous rack space

  • 24ru total in the upper desk bays,
  • 12ru total in the lower front bays, and
  • 12ru total in the lower rear bays.

Literally, the “go to” console for the discerning mastering studio and engineer. Check out our Sterling Modular Users page and judge for yourself.

Many accessories and options are available to help you personalize your Plan A console. View the Plan A gallery for configuration ideas.

*Sterling Modular is not affiliated with Sterling Sound.