Commercial Music Studios

Where beauty meets functionality.

Obviously, the better looking the studio is, the better the music is. Right? But the real performance in these studios lies in the acoustic profile. The combination of all aspects of the studio come into play, including the furniture. If the furniture, presumably the largest piece in the room, is not acoustically “transparent” then, the best of the engineer’s work is not properly presented.

A lot of money is poured into many studios for both aesthetics and sound performance. Why not use the furniture with the lowest acoustic impact on the market?

Project Studios

Where versatility meets functionality and aesthetics.

Here the need to handle many different types of multimedia projects such as advertising, corporate functions, TV shows, podcasts, etc., is paramount to be able to be the right studio for the variety of needs in musical projects.


It is critical to get the best equipment as possible, electronics, rooms, furniture, and room acoustics, so as to provide the best education possible. 

And even in education there is competition. 

Furthermore, a variety of rooms is required for an education which best prepares students for the outside world where competition is more fierce. And where the educational rubber meets the proverbial road.