Tracking / Recording / ADR

A number of our products are ideally suited for tracking / recording. The Pro Series for API, Rupert Neve Designs, Tonelux, and Avid S6. We also have the Multi-Station Composer Controller and Composer Workstation (see below). In addition, there is the Plan Series with its large number of rack spaces.

There is sufficient room for mic pres,

Plan F

Composing and Songwriting

Composing and songwriting are arts in themselves. It is a special talent that few have. As with them, Sterling Modular offers unique furniture to provide the best environment for composing and song writing. Our Multi-Station series is ideal with room for electronics, PC keyboard, display monitor, speaker stands, and, of course, for a MIDI / USB Keyboard.

There are four versions of Multi-Station from which to choose depending upon your preference for keyboard position and size. There are two-bay (16ru) versions for smaller keyboards and three-bay (24ru) for larger keyboards. In addition, the position of the PC keyboard can be selected, whether in front of the MIDI / USB Keyboard or behind it.


Mixer Conversions have been one of Sterling Modular’s hallmark products. Well-known for custom-fit furniture for each mixer / control surface / DAW.

What Custom-Fit Means

Custom-fit means that the width leaves a small amount of clearance on the sides of the mixer to save overall width. More important, it gives the furniture an OEM-designed and -built look and feel.

Mixer Shelf Height & Depth

The next dimension that is custom-fit is the height of the mixer shelf. The height of the mixer shelf is lowered such that the height of the leading edge of the mixer is the same height as the keyboard. This creates a more ergonomic design, so that the engineer needn’t raise his / her hands to reach from the keyboard to the mixer, but is a smooth movement.

Last, the depth of the shelf is chosen to ensure that the furniture is as small as possible to conserve space in today’s smaller studios.

Several Designs

There are several designs used as the basis from which we manufacture Mixer Conversions: the Plan B, a straight console; the Plan D, an angled console; and the Plan Uno, a smaller design with one Rack Pod to meet the needs of those with less rack space requirements and perhaps, less studio space.

The Mixer You need

We have a long list of mixers for which we have designs and have manufactured them. If you do not see your mixer listed, please contact us to discuss your needs and requirements. We pride ourselves on our custom-fit Mixer Conversions. Let us make one for you.

Plan Bs and Plan Ds

All Plan B- and Plan D-style Mixer Conversions have 48ru of space – plenty of space for outboard gear while the Plan Uno-style has 24ru of space. As with all of our Plan Series, removable fabric panels serve four purposes: aesthetics (hiding cables), heat dissipation, cable connection access, and low to no acoustic impact.

Plan F

They all have LCD shelves for mounting speaker monitors and / or display monitors. Many other accessories are available.

If you need more outboard gear room, we offer the roll-around Face-Up Racks and the Versa Racks with 12 & 24ru, and 13, 20, & 26ru, respectively. Their classic design match beautifully with our desks and consoles and will enhance the look of any studio.


Born from Mastering

Mastering, the final step in a long process of taking music from creation to finished product, was the start of Sterling Modular. By working with some famous NYC studios, the Plan A and the Plan series were borne and so was Sterling Modular more than 25 years ago. In time, other pieces of furniture were designed and built that are also suited to mastering.


  • Notice the skeletal design to reduce acoustic impact to be as low as possible.
  • Also notice the four-purpose fabric panels on all sides.
  • There is an ideal amount of rack space for EQs, Compressors, and related electronics.
  • The low front angle for ergonomics allowing for many hours of mastering without fatigue.
  • There is an angled rear surface to reduce early reflections.
  • There are cable access holes, grommets, and cable ways to run cables easily and aesthetically including QWERTY keyboards and mice / trackballs.

Other Mastering Consoles

Other mastering consoles offered are the Plans B, C, and F, as well as the Multi-Station 3 Bay (Producer). The Plans C and F are angled 30 degrees allowing the engineer to stay in the acoustic triangle. The angle also makes them more ergonomic.

Multi-Station 3 Bay

The Multi-Station 3 Bay has 24ru with a large desktop for room for a PC keyboard and remotes. Notice the ergonomic rack angle and proper height desktop.