Get to Know Sterling Modular

For 25 years, Sterling Modular has been designing and producing simply the best audio recording and broadcast furniture available today.

About Us

We offer five major product lines at various price points with all of them offering the best value. From our top of the line Pro Series to our Racking systems, we use the best materials possible for the price. Furthermore, our craftsmen control and oversee every step in the process from incoming materials inspection to work-in-process to packaging.

We are proud to manufacture all aspects of our products in the US, in the heart of Boyertown, PA, 50 miles northwest of Philadelphia.

About the Furniture Design: Acoustics, Heat, and Ergonomics

There are three key ingredients in our design concept, ergonomics, heat dissipation, and, of course, acoustic transparency. Using these three main design criteria, your furniture will not work against technological advancements or room sizes, or the way one works her / his magic in the studio. It will work in concert with these three criteria.

Acoustic Transparency

Our audio furniture is well known for its design to be as “acoustically transparent” as possible.

Advancements in room acoustics technology have allowed the recording and mastering environments to perform better than ever. And your furniture should not work against the optimized acoustic design of your studio. In addition, as studios become smaller, the need for properly designed furniture (with low to negligible acoustic impact) becomes ever more necessary.

Heat Dissipation

Sterling Modular furniture is not only designed for low acoustic impact, it is also designed for heat dissipation. For electronics to meet the high demands of hours of non-stop usage, it is imperative to allow convection to cool the electronics. (Obviously, fans are unacceptable.) Because we know that when electronics operate at high temperatures, the quality of the music is reduced. We, therefore, use fabric panels extensively on all sides of our consoles and racking systems, except where structural integrity would be compromised. All bottoms are “slotted” to allow for straight up airflow. If air has to change directions, flow is reduced significantly.

In addition, we use “half-rack” spacing on all rack rails which, rather than using an entire rack unit space, allows for ½ rack unit of space between two pieces of gear, saving a half rack when separating two pieces of gear. (And if rack space is at a premium, put two pieces of gear next to each other with alternating vented ½ rack panels, 1 1 ½ 1 1 ½ 1 1, thus fitting two pieces of gear in 2 ½ru while still allowing for heat dissipation.)


Another area of consideration which is learned through asking difficult questions and working closely with a broad range of customers, is determining engineers’ work flow, processes, and desired results. Only by asking questions is it possible to properly recommend a piece of furniture.

About our Craftsmen, Designers, Sales & Marketing, and Office Staff

Much of the success of Sterling Modular can be attributed to a group of talented employees who take great pride, not only in their craft, but every other aspect of our growing company. I believe there is a mutual and genuine respect for each person as well as their talents.

Teamwork has never been at a higher level.

  • Designers are expected to go into the factory to learn how the machines operate to engineer products to higher standards, better quality, and improved cleanliness.
  • The factory craftsmen come into see the Sales & Marketing staff to discuss any quality issues.
  • There are weekly production meetings to discuss how everyone is working together and where we can improve as well as how well we are meeting customer expectations.
  • In addition, everyone is expected to attend various trade conferences and/or trade shows and to visit customers. It is how everyone in Sterling Modular can speak on behalf of our customers in their various markets.

About You

We are very proud of the reputation that we have engendered with well-respected audio engineers, studio equipment manufacturers, and recording studios throughout the world. We will continue to carry on these traditions and strive to improve upon them.

Dedicated to you.

We have a sincere respect for the talents and accomplishments of our clients whether you are an engineer, artist, producer, composer, or “just” a music enthusiast. We believe that our products will help you to work in an environment that makes the most of your talents. 

Simply put, we enjoy producing great products for demanding customers. Through customer interaction and our knowledge of room acoustics and heat dissipation, Sterling Modular has perfected the design and comfort of our furniture.