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About the Multi-Station Design

Note: this product would not have been possible without the thoughtful input, suggestions and open discussions of our very artistic and often demanding clients. (I say that with fondness and respect. If they were happy with an inferior product, we would not be here.)

Although many suggestions were in direct conflict with one or more laws of nature, they all helped to provide a comprehensive groundwork for this extraordinary product.

The "Multi-Station" has been designed, engineered and built to our usual high standards with regard to fabrication methods, materials, hardware selection and attention to fit/finish, style and acoustics.

After spending years listening to audio and mastering engineers, musicians, composers and home studio owners, we put together the most comprehensive, "off the shelf" product possible. To be perfectly honest, the "acoustical performance" properties are not as robust as the Plan Series consoles. But they are very, very close.

The nature of, and various uses of the Multi-Station, required some minimal compromise in this area.

That said, the low rear shelf, overall angular design and low profile, open architecture (without compromising structural integrity), and choice of materials still reduce the acoustical footprint as much as humanly possible. As a multi-use "entry level" console, it still surpasses the acoustical attention level of any other console.

When we set out to design this product, our overriding intent was to design a multi-purpose console with the following criteria:

  • It will be used for a multitude of studio operations, from mastering to mixing, editing, tracking, to composing and back again, while fitting within an unusually small dimensional footprint.
  • It can be easily re-purposed as the studio gear and requirements change.
  • It provides our valued customer with the high quality, well designed and superior entry-level workstation that they deserve.
  • It must have an intelligent array of accessories and options to enhance any studio operation.
  • It will not sacrifice our core belief that "Acoustics Matter".

We feel that we have successfully achieved or exceeded all of our goals.

We have been working on this design for years and it is our hope that you are as pleased with the results as we are.

Thank You,
Rick Lawrence