Fine Studio Furniture from the Most Respected Name in the Industry

About Us/Environment

About the Company

For over 23 years, Sterling Modular Systems, Inc. has designed and produced fine furniture for the audio recording and broadcast industries.

We design and fabricate products in various price ranges, while retaining an excellent "value per dollar" at all product levels. From the top-of-the-line custom furnishings, to our more affordable "Plan Series" (assembly required) line of consoles and racks, our in-house craftsmen personally control and oversee every operation. We make a high-quality product at a fair price, using the best available materials, methods and hardware.

All components are fabricated, assembled and packaged in the United States.

Sterling Modular has grown slowly and consistently, based solely on customer satisfaction and reputation for quality and customer service. Future growth will be based on delivering a high-quality product to an expanding group of "like minded" clients that recognize and demand the best. It will not be based on mass producing a product that will be in every store in every city.

We do not participate in the mass market "foreign outsource" mentality that has become the U.S. business model. We will never let our business get to the point where we have to sacrifice the quality of our products or our dedication to customer satisfaction.

About the Furniture Design

Our audio furniture is designed to be as "acoustically transparent" as possible. Advancements in room acoustics technology have allowed the recording and mastering environments to perform better than ever. Your furniture should not work against these advancements.

About the Environment

At Sterling Modular, the commitment to reducing our environmental impact is under constant consideration. Our initiative is to source and apply green building materials wherever possible, while ensuring product quality is never compromised.

  • Water borne finishes and powder coating techniques have taken the place of traditional lacquers.
  • All of our hardware components are Rohs compliant.
  • Environmentally-friendly laminates, vinyl and MDF wood products are also used.
  • We will continuously seek to offer "green product alternatives" such as our Formaldehyde-Free, FSC Certified Bamboo line. This rapidly renewable material is a great trim alternative to the dwindling world supply of exotic and domestic hardwoods.
  • Of course, all recyclable waste materials (including cardboard, plastics, paper products, steel, aluminum, etc.) that are generated during the production of our products and the day-to-day operation of our entire facility are delivered to the proper recycling facilities.

About the Staff

Much of the success of Sterling Modular can be attributed to a group of talented employees that take great pride, not only in their craft, but every other aspect of our growing company. I believe there is a mutual, genuine respect for each person as well as their talent.

About You

We are very proud of the reputation that we have developed with the most well-respected audio engineers, studio equipment manufacturers and recording studios. We will continue to protect and cultivate that reputation.

We take the time to listen to and solicit comments from the dealers and users of our products. Our designs have evolved based on those comments and will continue to do so.

We will always strive to provide a product that works perfectly for you and will continue to provide solutions and support for our products.

We have a sincere respect for the talents and accomplishments of our clients and believe that our products will help them to work in an environment that makes the most of that talent. Simply put, we enjoy producing great products for demanding customers.